Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nail Art Society Review - April 2013

 I received my second package from the Nail Art Society today, and boy was it a good one!!  I liked the one from March, but a lot of people seemed to complain.  I liked it just fine; for $9.95, you really get a good variety. And hey, some months are maybe not going to be as good as others.  It's ten bucks!  If you don't like it, cancel it.  ANYWAY, here is what I received!!

3 Striping polishes from Kiss
Here is the back of the above pack, it includes tip guides and some rhinestones!

Striping (or string, as they call it) tape - the color is Aqua!
Some nail glue
And some "Love Stones"!! Lol, they are the cutest little polka dot bows!
Super cute!

I took a close-up of the polishes and the tips guides; there was actually regular french AND chevron!

I am really pleased with everything I received this month, and I cannot wait to use it!
I also received a "sneak preview" of May's package, and it is a TON of stuff!!  I'll post that one when I receive it. :)  

Does anyone else belong to the Nail Art Society? What do you think of this month's pack? I'd love to hear from you!  


  1. This isn't 10 anymore, it's 20. That box is so not worth it.

    1. I'm sorry if you don't like the box. I had a code that made it $9.95 for the lifetime of my subscription. You are perfectly free and clear to cancel your subscription. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

    2. Actually, their website and facebook page lists that they went back to a $9.95 plan. It looks like they got rid of the $19.95 last month. Just wanted to pass along correct info.

    3. Hey thank you for the update! I think $9.95 is not a bad price, especially since it includes shipping. :)

  2. I am on $10 as well and do not regret it. The Stripers alone run for around $7 around here. I did have some problem with NAS shipping, but they have always fixed the problem within 24h. Once they forgot to send me an item in my box and ended up sending it asap with a few extras.

    1. I think if it was $20, I might be a bit disappointed, but like you said, if you were to buy things separately, you'd be well over $10. That's good to know their customer service is good. I had read a review of some pretty poor customer service re:NAS, but I think that was a rare exception.
      Getting extras is always awesome!! :)


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