Friday, April 12, 2013

A New Post (Finally!!) - My Giveaway Winnings!!

Hey there! It's been almost 3 and a half months since a new post..I think it's a little overdue!  It's so hard though to try to get a post done with a 19 month old running around!  Anyway, this post will be all about the lovely and wonderful and thoughtful prizes I won from LacquerMeSilly.  She really put a TON of thought and care into this giveaway. I'm actually under-exaggerating!  

So here is the screenshot she took of the giveaway prizes:
Awesome prizes right??

I totally thought there would be Easter candy in those eggs. And while she did send candy, there were polishes and a super cool cuticle balm in those babies!

So here is my pic of everything (not as neatly put together as her pic!):

 Let's take a closer look at those eggs!!

A mini Orly - Basket Case!

A mini China Glaze - Ruby Pumps!

This one wasn't in an egg, but there was a note that it would have been, but it just didn't fit! (The Hungry Asian - Strawberry)

Hit Polish - Gemtastic  (How AWESOME is this that it is called Gemtastic?? I just fawn over anything with "GEM" in the title!)

YUM! Jeff will probably steal this one..

Didja see the name of this fella?? Monkey Farts!! Omg I lol'd! Luckily, it does NOT smell like monkey farts (not that I know what they would smell like - yuck!) It's is a nice fresh fruity smell. Maybe monkey farts smell like fruit...someone braver than I can check that out!
 So those were just the extras..those weren't even the prizes we all knew about!  Let's check those out:

Sinful - Green Ocean (yay! I was never able to find this on in March!)
Finger Paints - Owlin' at the Moon w/ an AWESOME owl ring!!
Pure Ice - Never Satisfied (glitter bomb!)
Hard Candy - Peach Pop (I don't have anything like this!)
Hard Candy - Birthday Bash (appropriate no? It is April after all!)

Color Club Fiesta Collection
Flamingo (!!!), Sunrise Canyon, Wild Cactus, Endless Summer

EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint. I don't have any of these
lip's very different than your normal twist-up
Chapstick or Soft Lips.

Bath and Body works lotion in Paris Amour and a cute nail file!

The CANDY!!!  My daughter attacked those Reese's Pieces!

So what do you think?? Was this not the most glorious giveaway ever?? Lol, a wonderful way to start my weekend for sure!

Many many MANY thanks goes out to Frosso @ LacquerMeSilly!

Please leave a comment if you feel like it! Have a great weekend!

**All polishes in this post were WON by me** ;)


  1. LOOOVE that Gemtastic one, awesome colors! I think I have a glitter problem...

  2. Awwww I'm so happy you loved everything so much, and it even got you to post again ;). I read your super sweet emails but haven't gotten a chance to write back (on my phone). I will respond once I get some computer time :D


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