Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pilot Frixion Pens

In my Influenster CosmoVoxBox, I received 2 Pilot Frixion pens, one black and one hot pink.  After using both for about 2 weeks, I would purchase these pens once these run out.  I really like these pens!
It's hard to remember though that you are using an erasable pen after using non-erasable pens and white-out for so long.  I would make a mistake, white it out, and then write over it with an erasable pen!  Not too hard to break that habit, but wasn't able to test the "eraser" out for a couple days!

There are numerous pros for these pens. Obviously, they are erasable! The eraser works extremely well. There is hardly any evidence of previous writing. I did test out drawing a big splotch with the black pen and then erasing (sorry no pic!), and there was a shadow, but it was not super noticeable.  I was quite impressed!   When erasing, the ink does not smudge or run, it is nicely erased.   The ink in the pen dries quickly and does not smudge or bleed.  Also, the ink does not bleed or pull when highlighted, which is a big plus!  The "eraser" does not appear to work like a pencil eraser, meaning that there are not eraser shavings to brush away.  The eraser stays intact after multiple uses, nor does it become discolored.
The eraser also works well for ink that is a few days old.  I tested this on ink that had been dry for 5 days, and after erasing (again, sorry no pics!) there was no ink to be seen!

These are very comfortable pens to hold; they are not too light nor too heavy.  I've used these pens all day at work (8+ hours) and never did my hand/fingers get a groove in them from writing with these pens. My hand never felt crampy from holding this pen and writing with it.

There are only two cons I could think of.  One is that the black pen is not a deep black, it's more of a charcoal or dark grey.  It was quite noticeable at first, but after using it for more than a week, I'm used to it, so it's fine. The pink is a gorgeous, vibrant pink, I absolutely love it!!  It also erases exactly like the black pen, no leftover ink.
The second con is that the eraser is on the pen body, rather than the cap.  I like to write with the cap on the end of the pen, and it does get kind of annoying to always have to take the cap off of the pen to erase.  Not sure if the eraser just attaches to the pen body better than the cap, or what, but I would like to try a version with the eraser on the cap.

Other than those 2 very minor things, I really really enjoy using both of these pens, and would definitely purchase in the future.  I would also be interested in trying out red, blue, and purple versions (if they exist).

Disclosure: These products were complimentary from Influenster, and my opinions are my own and accurate.

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