Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love me some nail polish :)

Nail polish totally saved me from going crazy after my daughter was born. I didn't leave the house much, didn't have to get dressed up (like for work), barely put any makeup on. I just felt so blah. Then I stumbled across this website and was saved! I read this blog/looked at the wonderful pictures for almost 3 hours. Yay for 2 month old babies who sleep for that long at a stretch! I had always enjoyed painting my nails, and probably had about 30-40 nail polishes, but now it felt like I need to start collecting. At this point I have maybe 250 nail polishes.  I've definitely outgrown my snapware container, so either need to get a new one..or maybe invest in a Melmer! I've read that they can be very reasonably priced if purchased with a coupon, so I'll have to plan that out. I'm just not sure where I would put it in my house. I wish I had a whole nail polishing room, but oh well.

I also wish my nails/cuticles were nice enough to be able to post pics of different manis I do.  But even when I'm taking the very best care with them, they still are not nice looking. Oh well to that too!
Maybe I will be the very 1st nail blogger who will post swatches of just one finger!

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